PM Jobs

Note: these jobs may not be available year-round. The best way to make sure they’re not filled when you apply is to apply early in the school year (Aug-October).

If you’re a company also hiring APMs and want to be listed here, please reach out to

New Grad PM Roles

Google APM

The original APM program, with great mentorship, management coaching, and an around the world trip.

Facebook RPM

Three six-month rotations gives you the chance to view many different teams within the social giant.

Uber APM

Go through an amazing bootcamp to learn all about Uber, work with senior PMs, and work on things from UberEats to self-driving cars.

LinkedIn APM

LinkedIn is known for their smaller but tight-knit APM batches and many LinkedIn APMs have been promoted to senior roles very early!

Redfin PM

Explore applying tech to a real world domain. Though Redfin IPO’ed, the team is still moving incredibly quickly

KPCB Product Fellows

KPCB hires new grad pms for a few of their portfolio companies like Uber, Zumper, and Zynga.

Yelp APM

Want to work on an app you use frequently? You can read about a day in the life of a Yelp APM here.

Microsoft Program Manager

Join a class of tons of other program managers. Microsoft has a variety of different product areas you can explore.

Dropbox PM

Square PM

Workday Rotational PM

PM Internships

Note: in general there are far fewer APM/PM internships than new-grad PM jobs. Good alternative internship options include software engineering, data analyst, product design, product marketing, or management consulting.