Below is a collection of resources related to breaking into product management out of College. 

Content about Product Management, PM Interviews, and APM programs

Publications and Newsletters on the Tech Industry

Subscribe to these to keep up to date on tech trends, which can help a lot in PM interviews.

  1. Stratechery has some great analysis on the tech industry. The subscription is 100% worth it.

  2. Follow Axios Pro Rata and Axios Login for excellent daily summaries of VC/PE funding and tech news, respectively.

  3. CB insights gives an excellent daily summary of tech trends and investments. This is the funniest, most enjoyable newsletter I regularly read.

  4. Fortune has a number of daily newsletters which cover everything from VC/PE investments to the tech industry at large to a "CEO Daily" newsletter. A great way to stay up to date on every corner of the business world.

  5. Pitchbook's newsletter has analysis of recent deals in the tech industry, as well as links to interesting articles about business and tech.

  6. Strictly VC gives a nice daily summary of happenings in the VC world.

  7. Mattermark has a daily newsletter that covers some of the most interesting blog posts from leaders in the startup and tech world.

  8. If you're particularly interested in the perspective of venture capitalists, you may want to subscribe to Brad Feld's newsletter, Thomas Tunguz' newsletter, or Fred Wilson's newsletter.